About the Company

Premier Healthcare Cannabis Resource, Inc. is a communication and information development company dedicated to developing innovative products and services that consistently exceed the expectations of our customers. Our editorial products focus on the “Business of Medicine™” specific to physicians; “quality of care”–how physicians and pharmacists need to document and measure the care they provide; and how health care purchasers measure and monitor health care.


The Cannibus Business of Medicine™:
The Social, Economic, Technological, and Professional Forces Re-Shaping American Health Care

The transformation from the traditional fee-for-service system to managed care involves fundamental changes in the way in which physicians operate their medical practices. These changes involve the integration of physician services with hospitals, health care buyers, insurers, and other providers, as well as the aggregation of physicians into efficient and effective organizations.


Today, many physicians are working in new organizations and are being required to follow new rules, guidelines, or protocols. In order for physicians to become the leaders of a competitive and physician-driven health care system, they will require new business competencies, new capital, new marketing expertise, an understanding of new technology and development of efficient information systems.


Premier Healthcare Resource, Inc.’s family of products, addresses the important issues of balancing patient care with the business of medicine. Whether a physician is in a solo practice, small group practice, or a large multi-specialty group practice, physicians throughout the nation have experienced tremendous turmoil by the upheaval brought on by managed care and a continued focus on the high cost of health care.


The “new” health care industry is market driven and new skills are required for physicians to adapt to meet the demands of a competitive market. For physicians to reestablish their role as the center of health care delivery, it is our opinion that physicians will need to educate themselves to understand the changing system and understand managing and measuring quality of health care. Once physicians are armed with thorough and proper information, they have an opportunity to effect change in their markets.


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Since the launch of Physician Practice Options in February, 1996, Premier Healthcare Resource, Inc., through Beta Research Corporation, has sampled nearly 20,000 physicians. The purpose has been to ascertain physicians’ current and future anticipated need for information regarding the transformation of the U. S. health care system, the impact of the changes on their practices, and how Practice Options serves their information needs.


The specialties studied include: Primary Care (General Practice, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics); the medical subspecialties of Allergy, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Infectious Disease, Neurology, and Oncology; the surgical specialties of Ob/Gyn and Urology; and Psychiatry. Here are the study highlights:


  • 88% recall receiving Practice Options
  • 91% say they read Practice Options
  • 85% want to continue to receive Practice Options
  • 68% say Practice Options fulfills their information needs
  • 68% are unaware of any other source delivering information like Practice Options


It is clear from our research that Practice Options is providing information to physicians that they want, need, and have difficulty finding elsewhere.


The goal of our research effort is to maintain a perspective on changing reader needs and interests from multiple sources.